For Mr. Vai

zabala guitarrak

Hi Steve, here I´ll explain who I am.

I´m David Zabala (Zabala Guitarrak) a spanish professional guitarist. I studied classical guitar in the Vigo Superior Conservatory of Music and electric guitar with some of best guitar players like Tom Quayle, Shaun Baxter, Scott Henderson,  Jens Larsen, Kiko Loureiro, Rick Graham and many more. 

I´ve been teaching guitar for more than 10 years and I have many online guitar courses on my website in which I teach from the most basic techniques to exotic scales.

At the present time, I´m working on my first record “Guitarroteca” in which I show all of my influences from Baroque music to progressive metal. This first record (that will be finished December 2022) is a resume of my future discography that will represent a conceptual journey of human history.

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